Special machine construction with Kloos Systems GmbH

If standard machines do not meet the specific requirements of the customer, a special or individual machine must be designed and manufactured.

The custom-made products of Kloos-Systems GmbH cover, depending on the customer’s requirements, small machines, hand-held systems of small format as well as fully automated assembly lines.

In the development and implementation of our specialists rely on extensive know-hows in mechanical engineering, mechanics, electronics, robotics, software development, control and drive technology as well as on their many years of experience in special machine construction, automation technology and project development.

Regardless of the industry in which the individual solution is required, it offers to our corporate customers:

  • Durability
  • endurance
  • easy maintenance
  • greater flexibility in production
  • maximum performance
  • high process reliability
  • high process accuracy
  • Convenience and speed of maintenance
  • simple and fast re-equipping
  • cost saving
  • good accessibility for the operator

Our specialists use automation systems such as industrial robots, rotary tables and conveyor systems to design and integrate them with their own developments.

After the customer has detailed his own ideas, we design and build a special system using CAD software. The CAD model serves as a template for CNC machines and lathes, which produce individual parts then. After it they are mounted and assembled into units. This is followed by system programming and the first quality control. In the final stage, our specialists install a special system at the customer’s site, program, test and commission it. If the customer’s requirements change, e.g. due to a change in the shape of a product or an increase in its quantity, we can change the design, expand or adjust it at any time.

By the way, Kloos-Systems‘ special machine construction does not only include completely new machines developed as individual series or small series: Our specialists also make necessary adjustments to the series production machines as required.

It is characteristic of our special machines and special industrial plants that only a few of their processes are similar to standard solutions or that they process materials that cannot be processed on production machines and plants. It does not matter whether they are simple operations or complex tasks requiring automation. Our special machine construction industry is mainly distinguished by the space required for automation. This includes a base equipped with individually required components. We combine several bases, which are often extended by attachments, such as conveyor belts, in such a way as to ensure the desired process optimization.

Our automated special systems

often have handling robots, which can also be used with other systems.

  • They connect existing plants to each other in such a way as to increase productivity.
  • guarantee consistent quality
  • sort the products into packages
  • mark the details so they can be traced.